Teacher Receives Distinguished Alumni Award

Desire' Hughes, Staff Writer

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Recognized by the Dallas County Community College District, History Teacher Stephanie Garrett will receive their Distinguished Alumnus Award on Nov. 1.

“I was extremely excited and honored when I heard the news,” she said.

Senior Nicholas Hernandez said that the award is well deserved.

“I am ecstatic because I know how hard she works,” he said. “She was one of my favorite teachers when I had her, so I was happy that she was chosen. Her life story in general is so inspirational, she’s supportive and her passion for history is so heartwarming.”

The award recognizes alumni for their talents and achievements in their chosen career field.

“I got the Distinguished Alumni Educator Award from Dallas Baptist, Texas Daughters of the American Revolution third place award and I have been teacher of the year here,” Garrett said. “All of (them) are great but the greatest accomplishment and feeling is when my students can come to me and say that I have made an impact on them.”

To celebrate the occasion, a ceremony will take place at the Tower Club in downtown Dallas, where the DCC (Dallas Community College) District Foundation will hold its inaugural Distinguished Alumni and Pillar of the Community Awards celebration.

“The banquet will be very nice and all of the administration from Dallas County community colleges will be attending the ceremony,” she said.

Coach Todd Monsey said that Garrett has a huge influence on the school.

“She’s our leader in the History Department,” Monsey said. “She has always been an extremely hard worker and she knows how to get everyone to stay focused on the tasks we need to do while making them enjoyable. Because she’s constantly learning (in different environments), she has a perspective from the lowest to the highest end.

Garrett was a former student at Mountain View College

“(The college) got in touch with me and they found out that I am a professor and so one of the ladies over at the Alumni Relations Society thought it would be very nice to submit my name for the award,” she said.

Monsey wrote a recommendation for Garrett to be a nominee for the award.

“She does so much here and throughout the building, specifically to help take care of us history teachers, so for me to have the opportunity to speak about the amazing things she does for this school was really a great honor,” he said. “To put it simply, she just makes our day better, easier and more enjoyable.”

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