Autumn Activities Everyone Needs to Know About

Kayla Phan, Staff Writer

With fall in session and pumpkin spice lattes coming out of hiding, it’s important to get out and try new things. Besides the obligatory Netflix binging and sleeping in, it’s the perfect time to slip into your favorite fleece, call out some friends and add some of these things to your fall bucket list. Here are a few activities to get you into the autumn mood.

  • Visit the Texas State Fair. We start off the list with a truly good time: the fair. While earlier this month the fairgrounds reached the high 80s in unbearable humidity, this past week has been the perfect weather to go out with your friends and take advantage of the free tickets still being handed out at the front desk. However, you must act quickly, the fair closes this Wednesday.
  • See the views at Local State Parks. While the leaves are turning brown, take a drive or hike at a park. Bundle up instead of staying in the car the whole time. It’s better to roll down the windows and focus on experiencing the fall weather. Cedar Hill State Park is a good location nearby with hiking, fishing, and camping available for the more adventurous or just a scenic road trip through the park is enough. Possum Kingdom Lake is a bit farther but worth the drive if you can make it. The bright colors will have you in awe.
  • Carve Pumpkins. Cliché or not, carving pumpkins and visiting a pumpkin patch are ubiquitous with fall for a reason. Visit “Hall’s Pumpkin Patch” in Grapevine for the full farm experience including tractors, cows, mazes and more. However, if it’s just a pumpkin you want, many stores have high-quality one’s up front for sale. Carving a pumpkin into your favorite design with a friend and putting in a tea light for Halloween will turn your bland decor into something more pleasant-smelling and thoughtful. And instead of wasting away the seeds or flesh of the pumpkin, toast them or make pumpkin pie after you’re done the carving.
  • Have an adrenaline rush in a haunted place. Not something light like Mickey Manor or Cutting Edge, I mean actually challenging yourself to a supposedly haunted area. A quick google search pulls up places such as “The Screaming River Bridge” at Legacy Park which claims a now unused bridge within the park was the site of a horrifying accident between two cars full of teenagers who know haunt the area with their screams. Another is the Arlington Music Hall where the ghost of “Fred” is said to haunt, making footsteps and even confronting visitors only to disappear.
  • Snag some deals at thrift stores. It seems every other week is a 99 cent or half off sale at either the Texas Thrift in Arlington or other various Goodwill’s scattered about. These stores can get busy, but the women’s selection is extensive in many stores with several rows of potential treasure to sort through. Make cute outfits with what you find or challenge friends to create ones for you using only what’s around you. The inexpensive prices make these activities with friends an often fun yet money-saving experience. If you’re really into thrifting, you can text “TexasThrift” to “86677” to stay up to date on the newest discounts.