District Wide Testing Day Wednesday

Harrison Le, Staff Writer

The annual College Day of Testing, which includes the ASVAB ad PSAT, will be on Wednesday.

“The day is really for career advancement,” Counselor Shelley Thurman said. “The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is the military entrance exam but it also really helps students learn more about themselves and occupations in line with their skills and interests.”

Seniors have the option to take the ASVAB test, which can be used as a qualifier for enlistment into the armed forces, or take a college visit day.

“The test is important because it really shows what you can do in the future, especially in the military,” senior Nehema Kariuki said.

All grade levels but seniors will be participating in the PSAT.

“We don’t really like to call it practice,” Thurman said. “Ninth and 10th grade is for exposure, to get used to that format so that in 11th-grade students will have a chance at that scholarship.”

For juniors, their PSAT will be used as their National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test which can result in scholarships.

“The PSAT is a stressful time for me,” junior Myranda Brown said. “It really focuses on grades rather than the big picture, but I understand it is designed to be a challenge.”