District’s Colors for Caring Initiative Returns

Anh Trinh, Editor

In order to visibly show community support for those who have survived or are battling cancer, the district is continuing its Colors for Caring Initiative.

“The best part of the program is that it really depicts how every single person is affected by cancer,” teacher Cindy Malone said. “People with it (cancer) or caring for someone with it sometimes feel alone, but everyone has someone they love or know with cancer. “

The idea is to encourage everyone to wear a color that represents a cancer on the first Monday of each month.

“There are so many cancers now and so many colors; the variety is sometimes saddening, but eye-opening,” she said. “I am wearing gray for Ms. Planche, my second-grade teacher who became my second mother. She is battling brain cancer.”

The goal is for every person affected to know they do not stand alone.

“This is beneficial for the district because we must stand together,” senior Ivan Blaylock said. “Everyone needs to have someone in times of need.”

Pictures can be shared using the hashtag #ColorsforCaring and the photo might be featured in the district’s photo gallery.

“The importance is just in not feeling alone, or that no one could understand your struggle,” Malone said. “It is a reminder to find joy in the little things.”

The Colors for Caring Days are:

  • Oct. 1
  • Nov. 5
  • Dec. 31
  • Jan. 7
  • Feb. 4
  • March 4
  • April 1
  • May 6