AVID Hosts Showcase

Kayla Phan, Staff Writer

To better understand AVID, upperclassmen from the program and administrators hosted a showcase on Jan. 18, to give teachers, principals and counselors from other schools a hands-on demonstration of how the program works.

“Some of these people come because they’ve never heard of AVID before,” AVID Coordinator Kimberly Pena said. “They want to see what it looks like to see if their district wants to incorporate that into what they’re doing.”

The campus is an AVID Demonstration School.

“The goal is to help other campuses introduce AVID and make (campuses) a little better,” senior Natalee Gallardo said. “It’s to help them get an idea of what (it’s) about.”

Visitors followed a set schedule which included exploring the campus, meeting with students involved in the program and speaking with teachers.

“We toured English, math, AVID and JROTC classes,” junior Jasmine Scarbrough said. “Each showed how we use AVID to improve.”

A Project Coordinator helped plan the trip.

“The campus is beautiful, and I was inspired by the work being done in the classrooms (with) all the different kinds of learning and teaching techniques,” Amy Chapman said. “The students were really engaged in doing some amazing things.”

Coble ESL teacher Crysol Arreola attended the event.

“Growing up, it really changed the way I saw things and changed the impossible to possible for me,” she said. “AVID is really endearing to my heart, not just as a class you can take but a way of living and reaching your dreams and goals.”