Junior Starts Ted Talk Club

Megan Guevara

Sara Aziz, Staff Writer

In an attempt for students to share their thoughts on different subjects and build relationships, the school had its first TED-Ed club meeting on Tuesday.

“We want this to be a place where students are given the opportunity to share their passions and discuss it with other students,” sponsor Heather Hogue said.

The club provides students a place where they can speak out among their peers and connect with people.

“We want to empower students to inspire others,” Hogue said.

Junior Zoe Johnson said she always had a passion to have a career in communications.

“I created this club because I have personal interests in public speaking,” she said. “I thought it would be interesting to bring (it) into the school and allow others to experience that as well.”

TED-Ed is a spinoff of the company, TED. The students plan to tape their meetings after school in Hogue’s room and submit them to the TED YouTube channel to be animated.

“To be better speakers, we have to be better learners,” Johnson said.

Creating an atmosphere for students to express themselves is important to Johnson.

“I hope that they gain confidence because in the real world you’re going to have to speak,” Johnson said. “I just want them to get this experience and be comfortable with that.”

Johnson said she is committed to creating a unique environment and encourages others to join. The next meeting will be on Thurs., Sept. 21.

She said, “If you are really adamant about speaking your mind, but you don’t know how to, then Ted is the perfect club for you.”