AP Continues White Pants Tradition

Evangeline Theruvath

Deja Dansby, Staff Writer

In an attempt to bring a fun feeling to the campus, Assistant Principal Andrew Marsh recently instilled White Pants Wednesday as a new tradition among staff and students.

“We have a good environment,” Marsh said. “We’re more light-hearted than a lot of the other high schools.”

White Pants Wednesday is a day out of the week where people dress in white bottoms and as Marsh said are “reminded to have fun and not take themselves too seriously.”

“A number of people say that you can only wear them certain times of the year, I thought it would be funny to wear them every week,” he said.

Marsh said he describes his fashion sense as silly while still having an administrative feel, which was inspired by his love of humor.

“I always like doing things that are ridiculous,” he said. “People aren’t sure if I’m being serious or if I’m being silly.”

Students and teachers have jumped on board with Marsh’s plan to start the new tradition.

“It’ll be something silly to do,” senior Derek Jones said. “It’s always good to have fun.”

English teacher Misty Terry said she has high hopes for what’s to come of White Pants Wednesday.

“It’ll help bring people together and at least open up that conversation for staff and students to have together,” she said.

For seniors participating in things like White Pants Wednesday, this will be one of their last tastes of high school.

“(Students) are coming up to be adults so they’re going to enjoy what little childhood they have left,” Jones said.

Terry said if White Pants Wednesday becomes a successful tradition, the future of the school could be even brighter.

“It shows that with good leadership anything is possible,” she said. “People are catching onto white pants (so) they’ll also catch onto other things and we can use that to make (the school) even better