Hurricane Donations Due This Week


Publication Staff

Payten Boyd, Editor

In order to help animals who are currently being affected by the destruction from Hurricane Harvey, the district will be collecting donations for “Hearts Out to Harvey” this week.

“Dogs and cats tend to be left behind,” senior Kendall Johnson said. “It comes down to the fact that (people) have to save themselves and hope that their animals will be okay.”

The district will be collecting bottled water, dog and cat food, leashes, collars, blankets, cat litter and more.

“Shelters get overloaded and their supplies are sometimes limited,” Johnson said. “By us donating pet supplies and water we will be helping more animals survive.”

The district’s goal is to collect 5,000 bottles of water.

“People throughout Mansfield will be helping many animals just by taking the time to donate,” Johnson said.

The class with the most donations will receive points for HOG Week.

“We should reach out and lend a hand,” Johnson said. “If we experienced what they (Harvey victims) were, we would want just as much help.”

Students can deliver donations to the front desk or the library.

“This (school) has the most generous and compassionate students and faculty around,” Assistant Principal Katrina Smith said. “Thank you in advanced for your support.”