Put it Down Save a Life Week Begins Today

Put it Down Save a Life Week Begins Today

Vanessa Zuleta

Payten Boyd, Staff Writer

In an effort to prevent students from reckless driving, the school is hosting “Put it Down, Save a Life” (PIDSAL) Week starting today.

“Too many lives are lost on the roads but that statistic could easily be prevented, or at least lessened, if everyone were aware of the risks,” senior Ariana Owens said.

PIDSAL is an awareness week, full of hands on learning activities that educate students on the dangers of texting and driving and driving while intoxicated.

“It’s (PIDSAL) to help raise knowledge and it shows us the effects,” senior Lauren Garza said. “It not only affects you, but your friends, family and community as well.”

There will be different events throughout the week, starting with a sophomore assembly today.

“People don’t realize the dangers, especially at this age,” Garza said. “It’s important to educate and help them not make mistakes and harm themselves and others.”

Senior Joy Tama said that this whole week is important.

“Once students see how their actions can truly affect their lives, they will take it more seriously,” she said.

One major event will be Heartbeat Pullout Day, when selected students will be pulled out of class to represent lives lost.

“I feel like when they notice their friends aren’t there in class with them, it will kind of hit them and just emphasize the importance of this lesson,” Owens said.

The week will end with an outside replica of a car crash.

“It will be a reality check,” Tama said. “It will give kids a realization that accidents do happen.”

Garza said an event like this is a significant learning experience.

“Informing them now will help prevent them from doing it later,” she said. “We are looking out for the future.”