Top Five Places To Study


Skyla Westphal

Tayia Anderson, Staff Writer

Now that we are settled into a new school year, many have already begun to stress about their poor study habits and low grades. This is the time to try a couple of traditional, and not so traditional, places to help you study just a bit harder. Don’t forget the most important thing when it comes to studying is where you feel most comfortable and focused.

The Library
The library is one of the best places to concentrate if you are in need of a study session. Not all kids feel the same way, but it is one of the quietest places to be during lunch and after school. Plus, the librarian and her staff are extremely helpful when it comes to a research assignment or equipment for your group project.

Now everyone won’t agree that home is a great place to study, but once you find that secret quiet spot it could potentially be one of the best. Now, if you have siblings, you just have to be creative. Go outside, in a closet or somewhere you can put your headphones in to block out your surroundings so you can focus on your materials.

Starbucks is known for the amazing drinks that leave our taste buds wanting more, but the atmosphere in Starbucks could actually help you. Starbucks is usually a busy place, but there are always people in there studying or working. It’s a great place to meet up with friends and have study sessions right before an exam and there is a bonus, comfy chairs.

A Frozen Yogurt Shop
A personal favorite of mine is Tasty Berry, but there are so many more around the area. I know what you are thinking. How is this a great spot to study? Frozen Yogurt Shops are great places to study because they are usually large enough to have big sessions, plus most incoming customers take their yogurt to go so that means less distraction.

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A Park
Yes, parks can be extremely loud with kids and dogs, but they also can be an interesting place to study. Being outside and not confined in a space can help a lot with focusing and getting work complete. Just make sure to pin all your stuff down so it doesn’t blow away and don’t forget after your hard work you can go play and relax.