Varsity Wins Homecoming Game


Joshua Samuel

With a score of 56-8, the Varsity football team won their homecoming game against Newman Smith at Vernon Newsom Stadium in Mansfield last Friday night. 


“It felt great to finally play at home” senior Andre Cojoe said. “The best part was seeing all the fans.”


Varsity is 5-0. Newman Smith only scored once the entire game.


“This was a team we practiced very hard for but didn’t see what we expected when we played them,” Cojoe said. “They had a soft defense that didn’t fire off the ball and didn’t really stand a challenge.” 


Despite five recent blowouts, Coach Ryan Peschka said this week’s game will be more challenging.


“Birdville is one of the tougher team’s in the district,” Coach Ryan Peschka said. “They are disciplined on both sides of the ball, and they have a motor that will go until there is no time left on the clock.” 


The away game is this Friday, against Birdville at 7 p.m.


“We will be mentally locked in, play physical and play together as a team,” Peschka said. “The players have worked hard this season to clean up their mistakes, build on their foundation and sharpen their skills. They have what it takes to play like a well-oiled machine.”