Jackson Wins USA Today Player of the Week

Martin Gomez, Staff Writer

The buzzer goes off ending another winning game for the Girls Varsity Basketball Team. Sweating from all the work she put in, senior Destiny Jackson goes to celebrate with her teammates. Little does she know, her performance would net her Girls Basketball Top Star of the Week for USA Today.

“I was a bit surprised to be considered for the whole nation,” Jackson said. “I usually get nominated for just the area, so learning I was in the running for the nation made me pretty excited.

The school found out about the voting three days before the poll closed.

“We didn’t have much time to spread the word to help,” the Assistant Principal’s  Assistant Sherri Butler said. “We emailed the website to all the teachers and also had students scan a QR code and vote through there.

Jackson won the honor, garnering 15,406 votes for a total of 41.16 percent of all the votes.

“I couldn’t believe that many people voted for me,” Jackson said. “I was in class when my teacher showed it to me. I was in complete shock.”

Coach Todd Monsey said Jackson winning the honor is deserved.

“She, combined with everyone on the team, is vital to our success,” he said. “She’s been on varsity for the past four years, and every year, she’s gotten better due to the hard work she puts in. She received the special honor because people believe in her and notice how much of an impact she makes to the team

The Varsity Lady Wolves  only have one loss in all the games they’ve played this season so far.

“We’re playing really good basketball right now,” Monsey said. “Anytime an individual gains confidence, the team improves as a whole. We are looking for her to take another great step forward to continue the run we’re on.”

The accolade for Jackson further supports the team’s focus on winning it all.

“It’s been our focus for the last several years to win a championship,” Jackson said.  “We only have a few games left before the big one if we make it. This honor is just another stepping stone towards that goal.”