Varsity Loses to Legacy


Martin Gomez, Staff Writer

With a score of 22 to 27, the Varsity Football Team lost against the Legacy Broncos last Friday night at Newsom Stadium.

“We can take it as a learning experience to get back on the drawing board,” Coach Robert DeSanto said. “We made a lot of mistakes that hurt (us) tonight and we got a lot to learn from it.”

The team was up 15-13 by halftime butcame up short in the end.

“We wanted to come out and keep attacking and try to establish a run, while also trying to get more turnovers” DeSanto said. “(The team) got that done in some ways, and in other ways, they fell short.”

Flags and penalties were given against the team, leading to setbacks.

“We have to learn how to deal with adversity and how to overcome penalties and plays that go against us,” Coach Robert M. Johnson said. “The team has to be able to maintain drives, overcome penalties and just make the next play.”

Senior Gabriel Sanchez said the team shouldn’t think about rankings too much at this time.

“We shouldn’t care about our ranking (right now),” he said. “The focus should be on executing (plays) and doing our jobs.”

Junior Anthony Drumgoole said this game shouldn’t affect the team’s playoff plans.

“(The team) needs to get past this because it’s only one game,” Drumgoole said. “One game isn’t going to determine the season. We have plenty of time to recover.”

Johnson said nothing is set in stone.

“This was a game we wanted to win, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t determine whether we’re in or out,” Johnson said. “We just have to keep playing and do our job and take care of business.

The next game will be an away game against the Samuell Spartans on Oct. 12, after the bye week.

“(We have) to look at some of the things (we can improve on) on a personal level, offensively and defensively,” DeSanto said. “We have to get ready for the next opponent after the off week and take it each match one game at a time.”