New Head Varsity Volleyball Coach Looks to Improve Team

Martin Gomez, Staff Writer

After a 3 – 21 – 0 record last season, the Varsity Volleyball team is looking to improve with new Head Coach Judith McGill at the helm.

“The only thing I want out of this first year is for these seniors to (have a taste) of what it is to win and go to the playoffs,” senior Reagin Williams. “It’s not (going) to be easy, but I feel pretty confident that if we play consistent ball, we have the talent to win (district) or get into the playoffs.”

Since resigning as the head coach of Mansfield’s City Volleyball team, McGill said she’d been looking for another job.

“I had interviewed for several other (coaching) jobs,” McGill said. “I just got a call in the summer and they wanted to know if I’d be interested in coming to (the school), and I thought this was a great opportunity to stay in (the district) and get back into coaching again.”

McGill has 25 years of experience.

‘Before I started at (the school), I had 546 wins,” McGill said. “Now I (have) 552.”

In order to get the girls mentally prepared, McGill tries to ingrain discipline into their routine.

“(It) helps us on the court with being aggressive and wanting to win,” Williams said. “Her energy is always positive, and she shows she cares about the program and wants us to go (passed) district.”

Williams said since McGill’s hiring, there’s been a spike in the girl’s work ethic.

“There has been a huge improvement in our team from our bond to our skills on the court,” Williams said. “McGill knows what she’s talking about and does whatever she can to make you a better player.”

McGill’s goal is to get the seniors to the playoffs for the first time in their high school careers.

“We’ve improved tremendously,” junior Maddie Meyer said. “(McGill) played volleyball so she understands the game from a player’s perspective and it helps us a lot.”