Girls Varsity Track Prepares for Upcoming Season

Track prepares for their upcoming meets.

Jakob Hazen

Track prepares for their upcoming meets.

Martin Gomez, Staff Writer

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After finishing seventh in district last season, Head Track Girls Coach Rebekah Morrison, in her second year at the school, is preparing the Varsity team for the upcoming season with changes from last year.

“They’re adapting to me, and I have adapted to them,” she said. “They know more. They’re clear on my expectations and how I want things to be done.”

Senior Brianna Owens said Morrison has had a positive impact on the team and has created a strong bond between the girls.

“There was a good comradery amongst all of us early on,” Owens said. “We will help each other grow as athletes throughout the season and ultimately be a great support system for one another.”

Their training schedule is based on making it to regionals in April.

“As we set up, I look at long term,” Morrison said. “I count how many weeks we have in a season. (Then) I break that down into phases as to what (and) how we’re going to train.”

Senior Cianna Brown said the expectation of going to regionals puts pressure on the team.

“People have so much faith in us and we can’t do anything but give them what they want,” she said. “(Morrison) has helped better prepare us (during practices).”

Though she’s always trying different things, Morrison said she’s working on discovering new ways to improve the team.

“Keeping the athlete healthy so that they can compete in April is the top priority,” she said. “(You) can’t get better unless you keep trying to (learn).”

Morrison said forming personal relationships helps strengthen her runners.

“My mentality is (that) I always put everyone else before me,” she said. “I serve those kids and I try to make (personal) connections with them so that we have a connection as a person more so than just what they do for me on the track.”

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