All About That VASE: Texas’s Annual Art Competition


Kevin Truong

Advanced art students will participate in the annual Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) on campus on Feb. 18 for the region. 


“It’s an opportunity for students to explain their work,” art teacher Dallas Williams said. “Not to just hang it on a wall, but to communicate with an educator about what they’re doing and learning.”


VASE provides students a chance to express their creativity along with the skills they’ve learned.


“It is my first time competing, and I’m honestly a little nervous about it,” junior Vanessa Espinoza said. “The whole process is a lot of work that goes behind the whole application.”


The art competition features different levels of art where students can showcase their talents.


Espinoza said, “I’m also nervous about my work having to be rated and ranked, so there is a lot of pressure.” 


Students are judged based on a rubric, and those who do well qualify for state.


“Even if we don’t win anything, the process can be a good learning experience about how future art competitions can be,” Espinoza said. “It will help students that want to take art more seriously in their future.”


The biggest benefit of being involved in the competition is showing your work in front of other artists, Williams said.


“It’s a one-of-a-kind event, the largest in the state,” Williams said. “We’re the only place that does this event, so it’s inspiring to see what happens and what the students will bring.”