Cosmetology Is Ahead of the Pack

Cosmetology Is Ahead of the Pack

Jemiah Stacker

Before the beginning of the second semester, students chose the advisory that best suited their interest; Cosmetology was the most requested PACK time.


“I joined Cosmetology because of my teacher Ms. (Telia) Crochett,” sophomore Carmyn William said. “She’s one of my favorite teachers, and it was something different I’ve never done before.”


At the beginning of the year in advisory, Crochett, who teaches English and oversees the group, brainstormed ideas, techniques and topics with her students to then format lessons using in-person demonstrations or videos online. 


“We’ve had multiple guest speakers,” sophomore Andrea Clark said. “We had a make-up artist that came in and showed us how to do brows, contour and quick looks on the go.”


Besides applying makeup, the group tackles tutorials regarding hair care, maintenance and management.


“My favorite lesson would be when Ja’niyah Holbert’s mom came in and taught the girls how to braid to the scalp, feed in and add hair,” Crochett said.” She broke it down in ways they could understand.”


During the 25-minute period, students can learn and interact with peers who have similar passions.


“I do not regret joining this advisory,” Clark said. “I would pick it again next year if I could.”


Before this year, PACK time was more homeroom based but now is being used to engage students and redefine traditional advisory. The second most requested advisory was Mental Health, with Mediation following in third place. 


“If we do PACK time next year, I would still choose Cosmetology (to advise),” Crochett said. “I would just seek out more help and better resources to provide for the girls to walk away with.