Empty Bowls Raises Money for Mansfield Cares

Daja Dansby, Editor

To support and raise money for Mansfield Cares, art classes across the district created and showcased bowls at the Empty Bowls event, at the MISD Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, Nov. 27.

“As a group of art teachers, it’s amazing to come together and do something as an entire community,” teacher Evanne Nasypany said.

Mansfield Cares is a local non-profit organization that helps feed and clothe students in the district.

“I’m really grateful for the giving hearts of the students and teachers that helped make this happen and to our sponsors,” Nasypany said. “It’s a giving and a high need time of year so helping fund and restock Mansfield Cares is important.”

The bowls in the second annual show ranged from $5 to $20 and were made by the school’s ceramics classes and donated by elementary, intermediate and middle schools.

“This was my first time doing ceramics,” junior Aaliyah Malone said. “(Art) is something that takes up so much time and effort but after you see your finished result it’s worth it.”

Some of the 350 bowls were placed into an auction.

“When (the students) are at the event and they get to see people picking their bowls they walk around so happy,” Nasypany said. “it’s a beautiful thing to watch”

While there, theater performed songs from their upcoming production of Hairspray.

“We just learned Good Morning Baltimore together and it was the first time we performed it in front of people,” sophomore Chloe Williams said. “It was fun and nerve racking, at one point the music turned off and we had to sing acapella.”

Nasypany said that they plan to continue building and promoting the event in the future.

“We expect to see the event to grow every year,” she said. “It has such a wonderful purpose behind it and we know that the longer we do it, the better we’ll get at it.”