Wolves Get Win On, Off Field


Alesa Gerald

Hailee Walls, Staff Writer

After winning against Lake Ridge 35-7, Assistant Principal Andrew Marsh won a bet he made with former colleague John Sohel who will attend today’s pep rally, wearing a Wolves cheerleader uniform.

“After hearing about the bet, it gave me more fuel to want to go out and represent (my) school,” senior Elijah Taplin said. “Getting the victory made feel proud to be a wolf.”

Sohel teaches at Lake Ridge.

“I (will) definitely be posting pictures on our school website, and possibly Facebook,” Marsh said.

Both Sohel and Marsh worked together for 10 years at Danny Jones Middle School before they parted ways to different high schools.

“We’re like brothers,” Marsh said. “We survived many hijinks and pranks, took far too many pictures together and surprisingly enough, were able to keep our jobs. We participate in fun bets regularly.”

Marsh started working as an AP last December, while Sohel became a journalism teacher at Lake Ridge in August.

“We were once brothers, but now we are enemies representing two separate campuses,” Marsh said.

Players like senior Willie Miles said the bet encouraged the Varsity football team to perform well.

“It was definitely a must win,” he said. “We got beat bad last year and had to show them what we could do. We started off fast, executed our plays and got the victory.”

At first Marsh said he was skeptical of his chances of winning, but later grew confident.

“Earlier in the year, I was a little bit worried because we started off slow and they (Lake Ridge) were strong,” he said. “But after the way we played against Waxahachie, we came together at the right time. (I was) very much relieved, and glad to see we made it happen.”

Marsh said he will continue to try and get students to playing their hardest.

“We’re going to try to do another bet as well during basketball season with more embarrassing consequences,” he said.

Winning against Lake Ridge earned Varsity a spot in the post season.

“We want to represent our school in a great way,” Miles said. “We did that (last) Friday. (The bet) motivated us and we punched a ticket to the playoffs.”

The team plays against another district rival, Summit, today at Newsom Stadium.

“We are ready to play another high performance game because we are finally playing together and for each other,” Taplin said. “We are feeding off of others’ positive energy.”