Martin Wins National High School Coach of the Year

Martin Gomez, Staff Writer

As the shock settles in, Coach Kit Martin can’t believe what just happened. She never thought it would happen to her but as she sits still, looking at the surprising news, everything becomes a reality.

Martin was awarded the National High School Coach of the Year, which was presented at the Final Four on April 4 by the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association.

“I am truly honored and humbled to have been selected to receive the award,” she said. “It is without a question the biggest honor I have ever received in coaching.”

Senior Mikayla Hutchinson said Martin’s coaching style makes her stand out.

“Coach Martin has a lot of energy and passion for the game,” Hutchinson said. “She loves us and does whatever she can for us to win.”

Martin has been coaching at the school since 2012.

“I came here because of the outstanding program it had become,” Martin said. “It didn’t take me long to realizes there’s no better basketball and place to live than in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I jumped at the chance to become a part of this program.”

The Varsity Girls team ended the season  38-2, which includes 5 playoff games and as 5-A Regional Finalists.

“She had faith in us the whole time throughout the season,” Mosley said. “When we lost a game, she’d tell us to keep going. She is very determined to never give up on us.

Sophomore Stephanie Mosley said Martin deserves the award.

“I’ve never had a good coach before that’s vocal,” she said. “They didn’t care about our success at all. The difference between them and her is that she shows she cares and does her best to help us.”

Martin said she never thinks about the possibility of getting awards.

“I honestly never give those awards any thought until they happen,” she said. “My goal every year is to maximize our talent, grow as a team and give ourselves a chance to win big. At this school, that’s exactly what we’ve done.”