No Shave November Raises Cancer Awareness

Evangeline Theruvath, Staff Writer

In order to spread awareness for cancer, thousands of individuals worldwide said goodbye to the razor, by participating in the annual event No-Shave November.

“I’m participating in it because I never shave,” sophomore Andrew Nguyen said. “(But) I actually knew about the (meaning) before.”

The tradition started in the fall of 2009, after eight Chicagoland Hill children who lost their father to colon cancer November 2007.

“I am participating because my father lost his battle against cancer and it was a huge impact on my life,” senior Daniel Peniza said. “It pains me to hear families grieving over their loved ones who died from it because it brings back (old) memories. I know death is inevitable, but it will always hurt and I hate when other people are feeling the same pain as I felt that day.”

The main point of the campaign is donating money.

“(It’s) really cool because you see all these people growing out their beards and not shaving,” Nguyen said.

Women are also active participants in the campaign.

“It’s a great idea,” Theatre Arts teacher Samantha Dunaway said. “I wish I’ve known about it in the beginning of November. I actually just thought it was a challenge men participated in and not females, so this is something new for me.”

The web-based group will be working with American Cancer Society, Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“I do wear the colors (for) Colors for Caring here,” Dunaway said. “I also support people who go through cancer. One of my friends, actually, is going through breast cancer, so I have been donating to the awareness organizations.”

Students can participate to show support.

Dunaway said, “Now whenever I hear anything about cancer patients or awareness, I always try to participate to show my support to those who are fighting and their families who are praying for them.”