What You Just Don’t Know: Jayce Ward


Xena Duly, Staff Writer

As he watches the deer from his position, hidden in the shadows, Jayce Ward thinks back to where his love for hunting began. He was introduced to the sport by his uncle and father who offered him the chance to join them on their annual hunts.

“I had just turned 4,” Ward said. “I finally shot one when I was 8.”

From then on, it became a tradition. Ward and his father would begin tracking their prey early in the year, biding their time until hunting season came. Then they would spend hours in the woods, watching and observing.

“I go in at about 4 a.m., and don’t come back till night,” he said, “It’s taught me more about patience and waiting for the right time to come.”

Through the years, Ward said he has grown to appreciate hunting for more than just a sport; he’s learned to appreciate the positive effects that it has on his emotional health as well.

“It’s fun and calming,” he said. “It takes you away from all the pressure of school and the real world. You just stay out there in the woods and listen to nature.”

Last year, Ward and his father managed to shoot five deer and he was able to learn more about the animals.

“You’d be surprised at how smart deer are,” he said.

Ward said he also likes the time spent bonding with his family during annual hunting.

He said, “Afterward you get to sit around, share stories with family, and just have fun.”