What You Don’t Know: Julia Radford

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What You Don’t Know: Julia Radford

Mckenzie Martinez, Staff Writer

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Focused on the person and reading the energy, senior Julia Radford spreads her Tarot cards for her friend Marcelo Amaro. She lets Amaro reach for a card and flips the Queen of Cups on to the table. Her tarot deck reading is meant to give insight on one’s life and help make perceptions on present decisions.

“I have been into it for a while,” she said. “My friend and I would give each other readings and see the accuracy. We predicted relationship changes and when people would come in and out of our lives.”

When it comes to her cards, which were given to Radford as a birthday gift this past May, she said they have a special relationship.

“I don’t treat them like objects, I treat them as a friend and a spiritual guide,” she said. “It has to do with intuition and knowing your situation.”

Radford said she strives to learn more and understand people’s meanings.

“It has helped me face many truths in my life,” she said. “I will get cards with negative connotations and it’s almost as if tells me to refocus and helps to find a solution to the problem.”

She gives past, present, future and one card readings to students.

“I started doing readings more often since friends want to know or are interested,” she said. “I will be sitting in class and others will see the cards and want a reading. I’m like a therapist with the cards.”