TXT Surprises Fans with New Album, Tour

Kevin Truong

Five-member K-pop boy group, Tomorrow X Together (TXT), is back with a new EP after finishing their highly successful world tour, “Act: Love Sick.” The group featuring Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Hueningkai is now opening up the year with a fresh new album, “The Name Chapter: Temptation,” including a feature from Coi Leray.


Last month, the group broke its own record by amounting to 2.16 million pre-orders in three weeks. Their new single, ‘Sugar Rush Ride,’ showcases a different, fresh sound marking the end of their heavy rock era shown in the last three previous singles.


The album brings back TXT’s old sound with the songs being more fun and upbeat, luring new and old fans to the group. “Sugar Rush Ride” and “Happy Fools” are the tracks that bring back the exciting and sparkly genre to their albums, similar to their previous hit single, “Blue Hour,” but with a dark twist.


The album includes five songs that help bring it together with different vibes. Starting with “Devil By The Window,” fans are lured into the mysterious, slow beat that is different from the entire album. Then, there’s a sudden shift into the main single that starts with an alluring whistle that evokes curiosity. The light vocals paired with the lyrics, “You skillfully open my door that was locked/ What do I do?/ I’m starting to see stars,” give a sweet, loving vibe that showcases TXT’s diversity in music. The group’s decision to shift to an upbeat sound gives fans a refreshing change in a world full of noisy music. Being heavily involved in the music-making process is nothing new to them as they have always been interested in improving their songs since their debut in 2019.


The last three tracks of the album highlighted the members’ creativity and talent through lyric writing. All members are credited on the track, “Happy Fools,” which features Coi Leray. While songs with featured artists aren’t new to TXT, this is their first time including a pop artist on an official album. What makes this track so special is that the members showed off their writing skills along with Coi who wrote her rap in the second verse. The lyrics bonded together and made the song flow like waves to listeners. Another track, “Tinnitus,” with lyrics written by Yeonjun and Taehyun, shifted the album to a slow, groovy sound. ‘The empty noise/ It’s deafening/ Inside the empty noise/ It’s lonely,’ describe unique feelings of loneliness in contrast to the tempting rhythm.


In the end, “Leaving Neverland,” is the perfect sad song that closes the album with its powerful vocals. It can be described as a heartache song, familiar with TXT’s concept. The group usually ends its albums with soft, slow ballads and this album is no exception. With lyrics written by Yeonjun, ‘Time to fall/ It’s time/ Neverland, my love/ I bid you farewell now.’ The closer of the album parallels the ideas of Peter Pan by referencing “Neverland.” The song is a perfect description of TXT wanting to leave their youth behind and start their new chapter. The album certainly does move the group into their new era, represented in the sound, concept and album name.


The album certainly lives up to the hype that fans were anticipating. Committed fans, including myself, quickly added all the songs to their music library. The loyalty of fans from the last album until now pushed the group to announce a new world tour, “Act: Sweet Mirage,” only a few months after wrapping up their previous tour.


If you’re looking for new music, be sure to check out Tomorrow X Together’s new album, “The Name Chapter: Temptation.” The fresh, new songs will definitely be a new addition to your music library.