Need something new to watch during break? Netflix just released a new holiday show!

Autumn Foreman

Netflix released Dash and Lily, a brand new show, about a teen romance set during the holiday season in New York City. Dash hates the holidays because his divorced parents treat him as if he was a burden. One day he finds a red journal shelved in a Manhattan bookstore. 

The notebook contains clues to track down an equally awkward girl named Lily who loves Christmas time. Their odd friendship takes them on crazy adventures where they give each other a series of dares making them get out of their comfort zone. As their story unfolds we get to know more about them and we notice a deeper relationship forming. 

After Lily’s family deserts her for the holidays, she starts to notice her nonexistent love life while Dash struggles with getting over his notoriously hot ex-girlfriend Sofia. All of the traditional rom-com marks are hit but not in a way that makes the show cliche. The show also makes references to other romantic comedies like Notting Hill and Say Anything is made. 

The scenery of New York comes to life with its multicultural crowd where people gather to celebrate different holiday traditions. Dash and Lily had a real big commitment to accuracy keeping in mind that even though the main characters are going through these idealistic adventures, they’re still just teenagers. The show did well at not romanticizing the New York scene and made it very realistic. You see pizza places and movie rentals. It does an excellent job of showing the middle-class American teen. 

Dash and Lily was very predictable at times but the show had a slight charm to it with the lovable characters and the crazy situations they somehow got themselves into. We start to learn about them while at the same time they’re learning about each other. This is definitely one to watch. After eight episodes, you will want to see more of them which could be a good thing as Netflix is already considering a second season.