Check out new Netflix Christmas movie, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Anuoluwa Asubiojo

Tired of Home Alone and looking for a new Christmas classic? If so try Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey. I’m not into musicals but the new Netflix movie  could become a classic for years to come. With a predominantly all-black cast, led by Forest Whitaker, the charming plot will touch even the coldest holiday hearts.  

The storyline follows Jeronicous Jangle, the main character, who runs a popular toy store and has many ideas for inventing. Soon after coming up with a toy blueprint that can change his life, the idea is stolen by Gustafon, an apprentice at the shop which leaves Jeronicous in a state of crisis. Soon he lets this event destroy his life and he shows how bitterness can turn the heart dark. Of course, the movie ends on a positive note.

I don’t think they could have picked anyone better than Academy Award winner Whitaker to fit the role of Jangle.  He correctly portrayed the struggle of being an inventor and running a business. The way he acts really made me believe that anything can happen. He’s able to show a wide range of emotions and really affect the viewer. 

 Even though the plot doesn’t directly involve Christmas, it definitely gives off the holiday vibe. Amazing dance numbers and nine-new songs make the production feel like a Broadway show. The best song “make it work” co-written by John Legend, is a catchy feel good song Anika Noni  rocks. Usher and Kiana  ledè starr in,”ẗhis day”. Whittaker sings “Over and Over“ which provides a more emotional outlook for the film. Even though it’s not upbeat, it’s still a powerful song, adding to Jeronicous’ character development. 

The visuals are what I thought really made the movie amazing. From the costume details to the set designs, the movie perfectly fits the setting which further immerses viewers into the plot and the story itself. The opening number will fill you with cheer and pull you in.