Among Us sweeps the gaming world by storm


Sean Bess

Among Us gains users after blow up on social media.

Gabriel Golson

With over 85 million mobile downloads, the app Among Us, which has been out since 2018, is taking everyone by storm after massive amounts of advertising on TikTok. 

The game takes place on a ship floating through outer space. There is a killer known as the imposter who has disabled the ship from flying and your goal as the escapee, known as the crewmate, is to get off the ship by completing tasks or finding the imposter. 

The goal of the game is to find the imposter or complete all the tasks if you’re a crewmate and if you are an imposter then your goal is to kill all the crewmates. Through a randomly generated system, you are assigned the role of imposter or crewmate.

Your role as the imposter is to stop people from escaping the ship in the worst way imaginable. Your goal is to make sure all the people on board are dead as quickly as possible. There can be up to three imposters to assassinate in the game at one time. You have the ability to lock doors, break the lights and create a crisis situation to help you trap your prey. 

The other role is as the escapee or better known as a crewmate. This role is to sniff out the imposter while also completing either all or as many tasks as possible. Tasks range from in skill level from simple to complicated and some even are just time wasting. For example, a time wasting task is to fix the lights while still having to survive, while the imposter is out to get you and you cannot see because it’s dark.

This game is downloadable on mobile (App Store and GooglePlay Store) and on computer (Steam). The phone version is free while the computer version is $5. Of course, on the phone there are in-app purchases like skins, clothes and pets. You can even play with your friends in the same game by using a private or public game code. Once you finish downloading or buying this game, you’ll be playing it for endless hours with friends and strangers.