Endgame Ends it All

Marvel’s latest phase of the Infinity saga has broken records and grossed over $1.2 billion on its opening weekend. The Avengers reappear as the heroes who will save the day and the saga will come to a close.

Endgame takes place right after Thanos snapped 50 percent of all life out of existence and the world was defeated. Everything seems lost and apocalyptic, with loved ones gone. However, Tony Stark is alive and well, along with Pepper Potts and their new daughter, Morgan. Scott Lang, who was stuck in the quantum realm has come back with a great idea: why not use the realm to time travel and get the Infinity Stones to bring everyone back? The Avengers decide to do a time heist and steal the stones in order to use the gauntlet to snap back the people lost.

Overall, when watching the movie, it is highly satisfying to see the characters that were so screwed over in the last movie get back in action. The big scenes that were emotional and action-packed are unforgettable. They are what superheroes are made of and how cinema can depict heavy pieces of gravita.

The first act of the movie is focused on the effects of the snap, but it feels a bit slow to reach the plot. It focuses on how hard it hit the heroes, with Thor becoming Lebowski and Banner merging with Hulk. Although the first act is interesting, it does not add any relevant information. This would be an okay moment to refill your popcorn.

However, the second act kicks into gear with the time heist. Characters pair up to steal a stone from different points in time. Many heroes get a chance to develop their characters in this time traveling sequence by sharing moments with their passed loved ones.

But the real shining moments of the movie came in the third act. The battle at the end will go down in cinematic history as one of the best fights of all time.

Although the time travel plot gives leeway to some questions involving plot holes, the movie was a solid ending to the Marvel Infinity saga franchise. In spite of the fact that some fans were dissatisfied with the ending, everyone will walk away with the images of the “Avengers Assemble.”