Happy Death Day Worth More Than Admission


Dallas Johnson, Staff Writer

With a $26.5 million opening weekend, it is safe to say that “Happy Death Day” continues the trend of low budget horror movies gaining major critical acclaim. It’s not the average superficial horror film, it’s better. Audience members will be left in the theater trying to process everything going on. Once viewers think they have figured it out, a new plot twist emerges.

The film, released on Oct. 13 by Blumhouse Productions, features a cast of unknown actors such as Jessica Rothe, who plays the main character Tree Gelbrman. It also includes Ruby Modine, who is Tree’s roommate, and Israel Broussard, who plays Carter. Although most of the plot focuses on Tree, she doesn’t steal the show from her talented co-stars.

The plot starts when Tree is woken up by a birthday ringtone. She questions her unfamiliar surroundings and assumes she must have had a crazy night. The scene continues with the camera following her as she walks back to her sorority house. Along the way we find out that Tree isn’t as sweet as her beautiful face lets on, she’s a total butthole. While Tree’s day goes on, the viewers get to form their own impression of her. Some understand where her mean demeanor comes from and others don’t. Right when the audience forms an opinion about her, she’s killed violently. Suddenly the day starts all over again.

After first freaking out that she’s still alive and reliving the same day repeatedly, she decides to find her killer. She also realizes what a rude person she had become. The college girl, after her deaths, slowly becomes nicer each time she dies. As she corrects her flaws, she narrows her suspect list and starts spreading positivity to those she was once mean to.

The audience goes through multiple changes of heart, from wishing she was still dead to cheering her on while she is trying to find her killer. The viewers experience an emotional journey while they contemplate who the murderer could be. They are continuously proven wrong and are sometimes ready to give up, but the answer of who the killer is remains boldly in their face.

Happy Death Day is a must see this October. Its unique combination of comedic jokes, hand clinching horror and mysterious plot gives the audience a thrilling experience worth more than the $10. Years from now, while sitting in the dorm lounge of your college campus, Happy Death Day will pop into your head and have you wondering, who is plotting against you?