Top 5 Holiday Movies Guaranteed to Entertain

Top 5 Holiday Movies Guaranteed to Entertain

Kiarra Windham, Staff Writer

The lights have been hung, the tree has been decorated and all our favorite winter shows are circling back around. Here are a few holiday movies, that will sure to bring you extra cheer.

The Polar Express: this movie is a must watch and a personal favorite of mine. A young boy takes a remarkable train ride to the North Pole, where along the way he learns about friendship, bravery and the spirit of Christmas.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: this is an animated favorite with twisted aspects featuring Halloweentown’s Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington, who becomes tired of the whole Halloween routine and frightening people. He then stumbles across Christmastown. He is instantly intrigued by something different. Jack plotted to bring the holiday under his control by kidnapping Santa Claus and taking his role on Christmas Day.

Home Alone: this movie series is probably everyone’s favorite to watch. Kevin McCallister, who is 8, makes a wish to have his family disappear the day before their holiday trip. When his family mistakenly forgets him and leaves him “Home Alone”, he thinks his wish has come true. However, his mini vacation is interrupted by two men who planned to rob the McCallister residence while they were away.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: everyone has read the book by Dr. Seuss, and you know it’s the holidays for sure when you see The Grinch, a small-hearted Who, that claimed to hate Christmas and everything about it. He came up with the mischievous plan to ruin Christmas by stealing everyone’s decorations and presents in Whoville but before he can ruin Christmas he has a sudden change of heart after meeting Cindy Lou.

A Christmas Story: this plot involves Ralphie Parker, a young boy who daydreams about the perfect and ideal Christmas gift. He wants only one thing and that’s a “Red Rider Air Rifle.” He has to convince what seems like the whole neighborhood as to why it’s a good gift for a young kid. The story goes through his efforts in trying to convince everyone while keeping his sanity.