Top Five Halloween Classics

Hocus Pocus, which came out in 1993, is the story of three witches who are accidentally resurrected.

Hocus Pocus, which came out in 1993, is the story of three witches who are accidentally resurrected.

Brandon Castillo, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again. Halloween is right around the corner and people are scrambling to locate candy, costumes and decorations. But if you find yourself needing some time to relax but still want to be festive, here are some of the best scary movies of all time.

Let’s start with my favorite scary movie series: “Halloween.” Not only does this series have the same name as the day we go out and get candy, but it’s also very suspenseful. For those of you that don’t know the story, the films involve Michael Myers, the crazy guy who tries to kill everyone, especially young teenagers. Since most of the kids in these movies are around our age, the series is even better to watch because teenagers can relate to the characters. Although the original movie came out in 1978, there are a total of 10 films, which makes it a great choice for a series.

If you aren’t really into Michael Myers, but still enjoy scary movies, then “Friday the 13th” may be more suitable. The original version of this movie came out in 1980, following the success of “Halloween,” but the story is a little different. The antagonist is a guy named Jason who is trying to get revenge at Camp Crystal Lake. Although “Friday the 13th” isn’t as good as “Halloween,” I still think that it is a good choice for readers who are fans of slasher films in general.

Okay, I get it. Not everyone likes scary movies. That’s fine, there are other things to watch such as “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” Although the run time is only 25 minutes, it’s still a good choice for readers who don’t like scary movies because it is light-hearted but definitely Halloween themed. For those who want to watch it, ABC shows this classic special every year on Halloween.

“Beetlejuice” is awesome because it’s supposed to be scary but it’s actually hilarious. The movie stars this dead couple, played by Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis, who are trying to scare a very weird family out of their home. However, the couple’s attempts don’t work on the family and the two ghosts end up having to enlist the help of a crazy and hilarious ghost named Beetlejuice, who is played by Michael Keaton. The tricks that Beetlejuice comes up with in his attempts to scare this family are what make this movie so funny. Anyone who’s in the mood to laugh should consider watching this movie.

Last, but not least is the Disney movie, “Hocus Pocus.” This is another movie that was supposed to be a little creepy, but it’s pretty funny. The movie came out in 1993 and tells the story of three witches who are accidently resurrected by a teenage boy, his crush and his younger sister. After being resurrected, the witches want to destroy these kids, which is why the kids have to find a way to beat the witches and save the day. Because it’s a Disney film, Hocus Pocus isn’t very scary at all, unless you’re a younger child. It is very entertaining though because I remember watching it every Halloween when I was in elementary school. This movie is definitely a good choice for people who are fans of light-hearted films.