Receive Reliable News Now

Destinee Turner , Staff Writer

With the rise of internet and social media, gone are the days of traditional journalism. These days, most teens are far more likely to get their news from Twitter than a newspaper. This can lead to an array of problems, as we are bombarded with multiple stories a day and it can be difficult to know how factual any of it is and what is truly important. Here are some helpful tips on how to easily keep up with reliable news.

Many reputable news sites, such as NBC or CNN, have videos that give a condensed breakdown of the news.  You can also subscribe to a newsletter which will give you a daily rundown of the news like The Skim. If you enjoy listening to the news, check out podcasts like NPR’s Up First or the New York Times’ The Daily

It’s good to get your news from multiple sources to prevent bias and get a more well-rounded picture. Try downloading the apps of multiple different news stations or follow them on social media. Read multiple sources before coming to a conclusion about something.

Many people worry about fake news but there are multiple ways to fact check what you are seeing. Look for red flags like sites that end in (these are often fake sites) or a lack of named sources of quotes in the article. Don’t read stories with anonymous sources. Think critically, question what you read and check your emotions. If you’re still unsure you can always look up a fact checking sites like,, or the classic Snopes.

While keeping up with the news may seem intimidating, it actually isn’t that difficult. Staying informed will help you make all kinds of decisions from who to vote for to learning both sides of a situation. It will also make you an overall more careful reader and well-rounded person.