HOG Week Hits Home


Misty Ferris

Daja Dansby, Editor

In an attempt to raise $12,500 for Cook Children’s Hospital, the school will be collecting money all week through a series of pep rallies, themed events and food nights.

“Cooks is special to me because it’s where my daughter spent her first days of life,” Student Council Sponsor Heather Colburn said. “It’s not just a hospital, it’s real people being treated and receiving care.”

This week’s events are part of the school’s HOG (Helping Others though Giving) Week initiative, where students, teachers and grade-level leaders try to bring awareness to different causes.

“(Students should know) that it’s not just giving money,” junior Ebele Obigbo said. “It’s participating in events to show the recipients that the student body cares as well.”

Sophomore Wesley Ferris is a Battle of the Classes representative for the Class of 2021.

“I was at Cooks for four days in February after I had my first seizure at school,” he said. “Even though this was a long time to be there, the days didn’t seem so long because they sponsor a lot of groups who come in and make you feel special or even forget that you are in a hospital.”

The funds raised will go to special programs the hospital has like therapy dogs, clowns, teddy bears and the child-life specialists.

“They would come around with something different every few hours,” Ferris said. “I got teddy bears, to visit with a dog, homemade pillows, strawberry popcorn and my favorite part was the clowns because they had bad puns like I do.”

Ferris, who has been diagnosed with Focal seizures and is now on medication, said he was surprised the recipient for HOG Week was Cooks.

“I liked the fact that I’m raising money for something that directly benefited me,” Ferris said. “I got to see these programs first hand.”

Saturday, Student Council participated in a dance marathon at TCU which also raised money for Cook Children’s.

“It’s amazing to we get to see the things that we’re raising money for,” she said. “We had the opportunity to meet families who are currently patients at Cooks. That was super impactful. We don’t quite understand (what they go through) because we’re not in it every day but these children and families are so brave. We’re grateful to be able to give however we can.”

If the school raises $10,000, the Caleb Larson Cowboyin’ for the Kids Foundation will also put $10,000 toward the cause. Student Council hopes to raise more than their goal.

“While we don’t always want our goal to be ‘be better than the year before,’ it’s a fun challenge to have and it’s a motivating factor,” Colburn said. “We really just want to bring awareness to the great things going on at Cook Children’s for patients and their families. We want to let the focus be on loving and helping them.”