Winter Scholarship Opportunities

Anh Trinh, Editor

With graduation looming ahead, many seniors are waiting for their colleges to respond with acceptance letters or financial aid offers. Below is a list of a few scholarship applications still open to help battle those college costs.

  • Engebretson Foundation: The deadline is Feb. 28. This $10,000 scholarship is awarded to high school seniors who are recognized for their academic achievements and leadership abilities.
  • Association of Texas Leaders for Education Scholarship: The Deadline is March 15. This $1,000 scholarship was established by the Association of Texas Leaders for Education (ATLE) for Texas residents who are graduating seniors and will be attending a Texas school to pursue a secondary education.
  • Don’t Mess with Texas: The deadline is April 1. This scholarship ranging from $2000 to $6000 is to recognize high school seniors who are planning to enroll in an accredited Texas college or university.
  • Abbott and Fenner Scholarship: The deadline is June 15. This $1,000 scholarship from Abbott & Fenner is going toward those who have the desire and ambition to succeed.
  • Chegg Monthly Scholarship: The deadline is the last day of each month. This $1,000 scholarship is awarded each month for applicants 16 and older.