Increase in Number of Teachers Children Transfer Here

Vanessa Zuleta

Increase in Number of Teachers’ Children Transfer Here

Although as many as 11 faculty members have a child at the school this year, there are 13 students overall.

“I could go to Lake Ridge, but I transferred to see my dad more,” junior Hannah Smith, whose dad is Trevor, said. “His schedule is kind of crazy.”

Out of those students, there are six freshmen, four sophomores, one junior and two seniors.

“I wanted my son Wesley, who is a freshman, to come to school here because I knew what a great school it was,” teacher Misty Ferris said. “I knew he would fit in well. Plus, I would be able to spend more time with him and be more involved in his teen years.”

Wesley was zoned for Lake Ridge High School.

“I know everyone at Lake Ridge so coming to Timberview was challenging at first but it gave me a chance to make new friends,” he said. “I joined theater, cross country, yearbook and track.”

There has been an increase in freshmen transfers for teachers’ children.

“I have watched thousands of kids come through here and now seeing my own kids makes me very proud and excited to have them officially in the Wolf Pack,” Trevor, who is also the father of Andrew, who is a freshman, said. “Watching either of my kids play sports or participate in any activity is just fun.”

Senior Briana Perez has had her father, Senen, as her softball coach for two years.

“I really love it because he was the one that taught me how to play the game and now we have even more memories as I’m going into my senior year,” she said.

Briana said she is glad she has been able to spend so much time with her father.

“It’s cool because he’s been with me all four years of high school,” she said. “Those are memories I will cherish forever.”

Both of Smith’s children have been attending school events for years.

“I’ve been visiting a lot since I was little,” Andrew said. “(It) just like felt right (to come here). Having friends, good teachers and coaches here is much better than just visiting.”

Trevor watches Andrew play in football games and spends time with Hannah during softball practice.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to see my kids more,” Trevor said. “I have crazy hours and when they were younger, there would be days that I would only see them for about an hour in the morning. Now I see them every day and can be more involved in their activities.”

Below is a list of other teachers who have a child here:


Dallas Williams                     Chloe Williams (9)

Evanne Nasypany                 Khalil Walker (10)

Karyn Maddock                    Travis (10) and Tyler (12)

Robert M. Johnson              Kendall Johnson  (10)

Robert R. Johnson                Lauryn Johnson  (9)

Sonny Perez                          Briana (12)

Trevor Smith                         Hannah (11) and Andrew (9)

Gysamuell Humes                Zacchaeus (9)

Heather Hogue                     Chloe (9)

Abel Herrera                         Daniel (10)

Misty Ferris                           Wesley (9)

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