Multiple Athletes Sign on Feb 15.


Joshua Samuel

Because of a four-day winter storm, National Signing Day was postponed to Feb 15.

“I was disappointed because I wasn’t able to sign like everyone else around the country,” senior James Ozolua said. 

The event was originally scheduled for Feb. 1.

“I enjoyed the National Signing Day moment but I still looked forward to doing it officially on the 15,” Kyan Crim said.

Some athletes announced where they were going through social media on Feb 1

“I announced I was going to play football at Columbia University on Jan. 19,” Titus Evans said. “I had a commitment video made for me so used that.” 

Athletes and their families met in the morning, at the Mansfield Performing Arts Center.

“I said I was going to Dordt University on Instagram and Twitter,” Ozolua said. ¨The coaching staff believes in me and I feel like I can really succeed at the school.¨

Many athletes had multiple offers to pick from. 

“A lot of thoughts and prayers went into choosing Columbia,” Evans said. “Also, the college is located in Manhattan, New York is a unique bonus to my everyday college life.

Location was key to some athletes.

“I picked the University of Saint Mary because it’s close to my hometown,” Crim said. “Also, it has a physical therapy program which I’m interested in.” 

Evans said he is thinking beyond college.

“The school presented the best of both worlds on and off the field,” Evan said. “Off the field, the amount of business opportunities that I am going to have is incredible because of how well-invested the alumni are to current Columbia students.”