Red Oak cancels varsity football games


Sean Bess

Instead of playing against Red Oak, the team will continue to practice until next week’s game.

Savannah Martinez

After many Red Oak High School football players tested positive for COVID-19, the varsity, junior varsity, and freshmen football games scheduled for Thursday and Friday were cancelled. 

“It felt a little expected to happen at some point of the season, but I believe I speak for the team when I say I feel a bit upset,” junior Moses Escalante said. “We were all ready to go and grab another win and show another team who’s really on top in 5A football.” 

Even though Coach Guy Humes expected it, he did not think it would happen before the second game. 

“It’s disappointing but expected because what makes timberview football teams immune to COVID,” Humes said. “The same things are happening in the classroom and in society, it’s expected but undesired.”

The team has practiced safety precautions to avoid catching COVID. 

“The season will have its ups and downs for all schools, but I have a lot of confidence in our program that we will not need to shut down or stop for a period of time,” Escalante said. “The coaches and players have all taken precautions to create the best possible outcome for this season and to protect themselves and their brothers around them.”

Instead of playing the game, the team will continue to workout. 

“We are practicing extremely hard and preparing mentally for the game every day,” Escalante said. “This small bump in the road doesn’t stop the drive. The season will go on with or without Red Oak.”