Gomez Stars in Eye-opening Documentary

Selena Gomez MTV VMA 2011 by AleeDear is licensed under CC BY-SA 2

“Selena Gomez MTV VMA 2011” by AleeDear is licensed under CC BY-SA 2

Avery Drake

Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me was recently released on Apple TV, offering fans a raw and emotional behind-the-scenes look into the singer and actress’ life, especially over the last several years. While she has been public with her emotional and mental health struggles, it’s an eye-opening experience to watch it unfold up close. The documentary proves that you just never know what’s truly going on behind someone’s smile or seemingly lavish lifestyle. 

She rose to fame as a young girl from Grand Prairie, even having attended MISD schools for a while. During the documentary, we get to visit her old home, neighborhood and her visit back to Danny Jones Middle School. She shares her experiences of being a “loner,” and never feeling like she fit in. As she explores her past, she shares how it also affected her growing up, including the all-too-often feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness she still struggles with.

We get to follow Selena to rehearsals, interviews, quarantine during the virus and a trip to Kenya where she is able to embrace the stories of young women she has been able to help through her philanthropy. Yet we also get glimpses of her tireless schedule and the toll it takes on her. We see the heartache, the loneliness, the tears and even breakdowns. She shares the difficulties of having Lupus, and official diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and her desire to push through and use her platform to help others. 

While she is thankful for where she is today, it is not the fame that drives her. Selena has accomplished so much over the years but would rather focus on shedding light on mental health and helping others understand they are not alone. Her goal is to continue spreading love and kindness while emphasizing the importance of others doing the same. 

Achieving a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, the documentary, which is rated R for language, does a phenomenal job of capturing six years in 95 minutes. Whether you’re a fan, facing your own struggles, or simply curious to take a peek inside the real life of a superstar, I highly recommend making time for My Mind & Me.