Top 4 New Scary Movies

Autumn Foreman

Spooky season has arrived and theaters have officially reopened. People who are ready for jump scares, and the inevitable screams, will be excited about these new thrillers.

The long-awaited Night Teeth starring pretty big names such as Debby Ryan, Megan Fox, and Sydney Sweeney will be released on Netflix Oct. 20. The movie takes place in modern-day Los Angeles. A college student who works as a driver picks up two mysterious young women for a night of partying but when his passengers reveal their killing nature; he must fight to stay alive.

A continuation of the classic thriller Jeepers Creepers is being released on Oct. 28. Jeepers Creepers Reborn is picking up where the second one left off. Few details have been released about the latest version but we know it involves the female character Laine, who begins to experience premonitions of The Creeper. The creeper is an ancient demonic creature who feeds on humans for 23 days, every 23rd spring. Expectations are high for this movie as they are already discussing a follow-up.

Another franchise showing up is Paranormal Activity. The latest Next of Kin is the seventh installment. The plot revolves around a girl who’s searching for answers about her ancestry. She is filming a documentary and finds out about the dark secrets involving her past. The secluded Amish setting also adds to the creepy setting. Directed by William Eubank, Next of Kin premieres on Oct. 29.

After almost 10 years, Scream 5 is returning. The plot will focus on the 25th Anniversary of the original murderous events. A new killer takes the Ghostface mask and begins murdering teenagers while revealing secrets from the town’s past. The best part is the film will star original cast members including Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell. This is definitely a must-watch for fans of the original. Scream 5 will be released on Jan. 14, 2022.