P.S. I Still Love You Pleases Fans


Alina Anwar, Staff Writer

The long awaited To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You aired two days before Valentine’s Day and left fans of the previous movie To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before both delighted and confused. The Netflix comedy is centralized on the love triangle that occurs between well-known and loved Lara Jean Covey, Peter Kavinsky and newcomer John Ambose McClaren.

The plot, based on Jenny Han’s second novel of the same name, picks up where the last movie left off: when Lara Jean and Peter start their relationship. In the first 30 minutes of the film, it is obvious the amount of pressure on Lara Jean to be the best girlfriend. She is constantly trying to be better than Peter’s ex, Gen, who makes her feel insecure.

John Amnrose, a friend of Lara Jean’s from Model UN, is introduced to the viewers. There is a definite chemistry between the two characters that is not present with Lara Jean and Peter. John Ambrose and Lara Jean share a sweet moment in which he tells her that people started calling him by his first and his middle name because of her. This sparks a light in her eyes and makes her question her feelings for her boyfriend and John.

As the movie begins to reach its peak, watchers start to favor John Ambrose for many reasons. When John Ambrose found out about Lara Jean and Peter he took it lightly and did not blame her. Another reason many favor him is because he and Lara Jean share common characteristics that she and Peter do not. With Peter and Lara Jean, they are always on opposing sides. This can be seen at Peter’s party, when Lara Jean is by herself and he is playing cup pong with his friends. Those who are watching see the two distinctive personalities.

Although the ending can be considered a happy one, the movie as a whole does not meet crowd expectations. The storyline feels rushed, and fans of John Ambrose are left unsatisfied. Aside from a few cute moments, we don’t see much of him. As with all movies, the characters go through their trials and tribulations but in this film, it doesn’t seem like any of them really learn their lesson or change for the better, especially Peter.

The release is one that’s sure to satisfy fans of the original. Since the wait was two years for the sequel, many of the movie’s flaws will be overlooked.