Mario Kart Creates Craze


John Gayden

Gabriel Golson, Staff Writer

The older we get, the more we reminisce on the good old days of playing Mario Kart. Well now, with the release of the mobile game, you can make new memories on the go.

Mario Kart Tour was released last week on the App and Google Play Stores. Unlike the old version, this one is only available on mobile.

Like any game, Mario Kart Tour has its pros and cons. I’ll start with the pros. A good thing about this game, which makes it one of the top Mario Karts on the market, is that it is one of the few versions that you can take anywhere with you.

Another pro of this game is that it is the only Mario Kart that is free which means it creates so many more opportunities for people to play because not everyone has money so more people will start to gravitate toward the game.

There are only two big cons to Mario Kart Tour. The main problem is the controls. The issues with the controls are that when you try and maneuver the car, no matter how hard you try and turn, sometimes you will only be able to turn a certain amount and most of the time you’ll crash into the wall.

The second issue is with microtransactions, also known as in-app purchases. Like a lot of games on app stores right now, in-app purchases are made to make the experience easier for the person who wants to pay money. Now there’s nothing wrong with spending money on a mobile game but the entire game shouldn’t be based solely on in-app purchases. Thankfully, Mario Kart Tour is not a game surrounded solely on in-app purchases but it still tempts you to buy them so you can get new characters and cars.

Mario Kart Tour is an amazing game which you can spend hours playing at a time. It has so many different characters and cars to collect and I strongly recommend downloading it